Home Alarm Security Systems Hurst

After your home has been invaded, you begin to realize that there is nothing more important than feeling safe in your own home. We take it for granted everyday, say things like, “Oh, but I live in a really safe neighborhood.” or think that, “My neighbor’s are always looking out. They would call the police if there was any stranger trying to get in my house.” While these things very well could be true, we know that overall human nature is not to get involved. In 1968, a social experiment later called the bystander effect showed a person going through a medical emergency. It showed that only a very small percentage of people actually knew the steps to help in an emergency and then had the confidence to follow through on it.

It is vital to our sanity and wellbeing that we feel safe in our own homes. Texas has a higher rate of crime than the US average in murder, rape, robbery and assault according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Luckily, in the modern era, we have home security Hurst in place to watch over our home even when we are not able too. The confidence that someone is always watching out for what you have worked for is an enormous weight lifted off your shoulders, a burden you no longer have to bare. Installing a home alarm security systems Hurst, is the first step in getting the safe feeling you deserve.

We offer 100% transparency and free system installation. Our home security systems Hurst, not only offer you safety, but can make your home smarter than it has ever been. Universally controlled by your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can manipulate everything from your door locks, your thermostat and even your electrical outlets. This offers complete home automation all from a few taps on your smart phone.

Patriot Monitoring is a veteran owned and operated business. Think about that for a minute. Our very core principle that we follow is to keep our country safe, in and out. No matter what your budget is we will work with you to provide you with a comprehensive package that fits your needs and gives you that piece of mind everyone deserves. Don’t wait until after the break-in, make your home safe with Patriot Monitoring and Brink’s home security systems.