Home Alarm Security Systems Plano

Regardless of what goes on around the word, in business, or at school, the one place you and your family should feel safe is at your home. Sadly, due to the recent increase in crime rates, your home may not be the safe haven that you want it to be. An FBI statistics show that 583 people out of 100,000 were victims of burglary in Texas. Therefore, protecting your home with a home security alarm system Plano is not only important, but also essential.

A good home security system Plano can not only protect you from external infiltrators, but also from internal accidents. Advancements in technology now allow people to use sophisticated alarm systems that can prevent any possible dangers. That is why more and more homes are installing smart devices to increase safety and security.

The good news is that Patriot Monitoring has made significant efforts in proving high-quality and advanced security systems throughout Texas. We also offer Brink’s Home Security Plano.

There are plenty of options and packages that you can choose from that would suit your home and budget. Here are a few features that you can expect from Patriot Monitoring.

Door Sensors

Wired or wireless, these door sensors immediately informs you if someone is trying to break or force the doors to open.

Motion or Glassbreak Detector

It tells you if someone has broken your window glass and entered your home.

Gas Leak and Fire alarm

This feature senses gas leaks in your kitchen and fire alarm control which protects your home from inside.

KeyFob / Medical Pendant

This small car-key like gadget allows you to control your door locks and monitors. It also comes with a medical alarm button that can notify your nearest hospital in case of medical emergency.

Smart Phone Control

You can have all the devices at home controlled via Smart Phones or tablets from anywhere in the world.

Special Features

You can have tons of other special features installed at home, such as weather warnings, intelligent lights, thermostat settings, power-outage notifications, facial recognition systems, auto-timer based door locks and so on.

All these features and intelligent devices are available to the residents of Plano.